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I know I (Ken) am not the only bloke around who likes to learn about motor vehicles. Indeed when you run a car rental business it becomes an essential part of your ongoing education. Although I spent most of my working life in health and emergency services, I did start out my working life as a motor mechanic and from there worked in the tyre industry and specialised in wheel alignment before exchanging the workshop floor for the hospital ward.

Having spent a great many years working round the clock shiftwork in the medical related professions, the circle of life has seen me back in the automotive industry for the past 10 plus years and able to sleep most nights. Whilst I don’t consider myself to be as knowledgeable as the automotive specialists I go to for advice and to have my fleet maintained, I do have a access to a range of different trades people in order to keep our fleet in tip top order. Of course I pick their brains whenever possible and necessary to keep myself somewhat up to date. They may well have some input here too in helping you give your car some love.

This mini blog topic is really about providing a few handy tips for the non-mechanically minded. It is not a place for specialist advice, but rather a source of some timely reminders of what you as a car owner can do to keep your car in good running order and maximise its’ reliability and safety. In the process I may also point you to various internet resources I have found useful for information on various car related issues.

Throughout the year there are a number of car rallies and events on the Sunshine Coast that I love to get to when I can. Watch out for some photos and ramblings about the activities I do manage to get to. Finally I speak with many of you who have cars that are special to you – cars that you love. Please consider sending a pic of the other love in your life along with a few words about that special vehicle.

Posted By ken on 18th May 2012

Updated : 4th April 2016 | Words : 356 | Views : 3639

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Learn About Motor Vehicles

I know I (Ken) am not the only bloke around who likes to learn about motor vehicles. Indeed when you . . .

Posted By ken on 18th May 2012

Views : 3639 | Comments : 0

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