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Car Rental Issues

Getting the most from your car rental experiences – avoid disasters – make it a dream run

In this column we intend to keep you up to date with not only what is happening in our own business, but also trends and happenings in other places around the world where you may wish to hire a car some day.

Why are Car Rental Prices so much higher during COVID-19?

Firstly, car rental is an industry that is controlled by ‘supply and demand’. Oversupply results in cheap prices (a situation that has, to one degree or another, existed for most of the sixteen years we have been in this industry). A shortage of vehicles for hire ...

Posted By Admin
16th November 2021 (Updated 4th February 2023)
Duration : 6 Minute Read
Views : 2060

Why white rental cars?

I got asked again the other day. Why are so many of your hire cars white? Now this is not the first time I have been asked this question, or something quite similar. It pops up from time to time, particularly when customers look into our plant room and observe a sea of white ...

Posted By ken
18th April 2016 (Updated 4th February 2023)
Duration : 3 Minute Read
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What is Demurrage?

Demurrage Although demurrage was and is a shipping term, thanks to adaptation by UK Car Rental Companies this concept is now also used to help in the recovery of costs for the victims of road traffic crashes. What this basically means is that where the party at fault is insured, ...

Posted By ken
3rd December 2013 (Updated 4th February 2023)
Duration : 3 Minute Read
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Time for the next website update

They tell us that any website that remains static is slowly dying. Just as our car needs ongoing maintenance, TLC and occasional upgrading to provide us with efficient and reliable service, so it seems do our websites. The one constant in life is clearly 'change' and as technology ...

Posted By Ken
10th April 2013 (Updated 4th February 2023)
Duration : 2 Minute Read
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Thanks for your good service

We rented a Tiida from you for 18 days. We were very pleased with the pick up and return arrangements and the Tiida. Next time we are in Noosa we will certainly use you again. Marion and Martin

Posted By martinturner
23rd July 2012 (Updated 4th February 2023)
Duration : 1 Minute Read
Views : 43936 | Comments : 3

New generation Hyundai i30

Greetings from the Aussie Bargain Car Rentals team. This week we are excited to announce the imminent arrival of our new Hyundai New generation i30 hatchbacks. Yes we are getting some of the first of these brilliant cars here on the Coast with the most. Hopefully our new "Acive" ...

Posted By ken
26th June 2012 (Updated 4th February 2023)
Duration : 1 Minute Read
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Lake Kawana, Sunshine Coast. 200m start line.

Website Update - 'EVENTS' tab

You may have noticed we have added an Events tab to the left side of the main page. Click on that link to take you to a timeline of events we are aware of that are planned for the Sunshine Coast throughout the year. Check out what is happening while you are on holiday here or ...

Posted By ken
26th June 2012 (Updated 4th February 2023)
Duration : 1 Minute Read
Views : 6697

Vehicle Rental Practices

As in most industries, car hire and other vehicle rental practices continue to change. In many places the trend is now to have booking procedures and policies that more closely mirror accommodation industry norms. We will bring you more on those trends along with information ...

Posted By ken
18th May 2012 (Updated 4th February 2023)
Duration : 1 Minute Read
Views : 3520
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