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New generation Hyundai i30

New generation Hyundai i30

Greetings from the Aussie Bargain Car Rentals team. This week we are excited to announce the imminent arrival of our new Hyundai New generation i30 hatchbacks. Yes we are getting some of the first of these brilliant cars here on the Coast with the most. Hopefully our new "Acive" models will be here by this Friday.

The previous i30 model was an extremely popular car. After our test drives last week we are convinced that the new model sets a new standards for this mid sized car andconsequently it will prove to be an extremely popular rental and a very desirable purchase in its price category. One can't help but be impressed with the new model's beautiful flowing lines; an impressive and exciting look.

Inclusions are impressive, even on the base model which gets rear parking sensors, front fog lights, seven air bags, cruise control, AUX and USB inputs and Bluetooth phone connectivity and audio streaming. Also included is a 5 inch multifunction touchscreen display.

Interested in trying out the new generation i30? You can make a booking on our system from next week onwards. Don't delay; there are already several bookinigs for the new i30s and considering all our other mid sized cars are already booked out for the next few weeks, I predict the new additions to our fleet will prove very popular indeed.

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I thought it was about time to comment on how the introduction of the New Generation i30s into our fleet has progressed.


From day one these lovely vehicles have been a massive hit, with most of our customers who hire them coming back raving about how much they like the car. We have even had a couple of different customers who own BMWs tell us they compare very favourably with the Beemer they or their spouse drives at home. Some have even suggested they would consider buying one instead of another BMW. High praise indeed.


We have had a number of customers specifically request this model as to my knowledge we are still the only car rental company on the Sunshine Coast with this model in their fleet. I believe a few of these customers have gone home to buy one.


One local Sunshine Coast customer who was hiring one of our Kia Rios on a long term rental has since bought the top of the line model with sunroof and all the extras included after checking out our rental models.. She absolutely raves about it. Unfortunately she no longer needs her hire car; however we couldn't be happier for her.


And lastly, its now official.  According to various motoring websites, for the first time ever Hyundai has sold more cars  during a month (March 2013) than our home grown Holden brand. So, by the way has Nissan, who apparently has managed that feat for two months in a row. Times, they are a changing!  Apparently  Hyundai was the third biggest selling brand in Australia in March 2013, selling some 8400 units.; up 7.6%. (Source: There are very good reasons why Hyundai make up around 70% of our rental fleet nowadays. We love the reliability and our customers really appreciate the economy. Why don't you book one for your next hire and see for yourself.

Posted By ken on Wednesday 10th April 2013 @ 17:22:33

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