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Vehicle Rental Practices

Vehicle Rental Practices

As in most industries, car hire and other vehicle rental practices continue to change. In many places the trend is now to have booking procedures and policies that more closely mirror accommodation industry norms. We will bring you more on those trends along with information on Insurance issues and Insurance Excess issues.

Unfortunately, along with all the obvious benefits, there are, as most people are aware, a number of pitfalls in hiring vehicles from some companies; so it really does pay to be an informed consumer. By the same token, there are many many excellent car rental companies out there who do genuinely strive to put the welfare of their customers first; but how do you find them?

There is a great deal of misinformation out there in internet land regarding car rental. Hopefully we can give you some tips to help you sort out the wheat from the chaff. If you know what to look for, life can be so much easier.

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Updated : 4th February 2023 | Words : 163 | Views : 3494

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