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Time for the next website update

They tell us that any website that remains static is slowly dying. Just as our car needs ongoing maintenance, TLC and occasional upgrading to provide us with efficient and reliable service, so it seems do our websites.

The one constant in life is clearly 'change' and as technology races forward, it is easy to find ones self in constant catch up mode. Ongoing Google algorithm changes means ongoing improvements to one's website, if you are to be found by your customers. So it is at this time of the year again we find the need to make a number of changes and improvements to our website. You should start noticing yhese flowing through very soon.

As a result of the current round of improvements you will notice our pages loading much quicker. There will also be changes to the content of a few pages and the addition of new pages that will be more topic specific. Finally, the website is taking on a new and refreshed look. This will be progressive. Look around the site. A number of changes have already commenced. Check out the changes to the photo gallery and how fast the images load now.

I suppose, however, there are really two changes that will be of most interest and extra value to you, our valued customers. Firstly our site will soon be adapted to appear appropriately on both tablet devices and mobile phones. The explosion of numbers of tablets and mobiles in use has resulted in more people than ever before using these devices to surf the web and often to book accommodation, car rental and other services. If a website does not show up in appropriate proportions, then it is difficult to research and complete a booking process, particularly on a mobile/cellphone. That should soon be a thing of the past on the Aussie Bargain website. I will be keen to hear your feedback when the new system is up and running. We use your feedback to improve our services; so don't be shy in adding a comment to this blog or sending us an email.

The second major change you will see in the coming weeks will be our new Booking System. Much work is going into this to ensure it is as simple and intuative as possible. Again, once it is up and running, we would love to hear your comments on its effectiveness. We are a unique company in that we provide car hire with new as well as late model and earlier model vehicles. Our booking system has therefore to handle more parameters than say a company that hires out only brand new cars. Hopefully we have balanced out all the varying requirements to provide you with a system that is quick and easy to use, but still lets you find the vehicle type, age and price deal that best suits your needs. Its coming soon.


Posted By Ken

Updated : 4th February 2023 | Words : 484 | Views : 5694 | Comments : 1

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Well, it's taken longer than we hoped, but now, as you can see, the Aussie Bargain Car Rentals website has now evolved to resolve correctly on iPads and other tablets. Even more importantly, it is now possible to read the website information and book a hire car or peoplemover easily on your iPhone or Android device.

Thanks to our designers at spIT, life has now got much easier when booking a rental car with your favourite car rental firm.  We hope you enjoy the changes to date, which as you can see include a redesigned layout for thr web pages, along with the inclusion of drop down boxes at the top of each page so you can more easily access relevant information on the site. Check back in regularly. There is much more to come, including more streamlining and upgrading of the booking system, changes to the pricing format and further general developmention of our website. Regards to all our fabulous customers. See you again soon. Ken and team.

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Posted By ken on Monday 26th August 2013 @ 10:57:29

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