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Email to Barney from Cyd

Cyd on holiday in NSW

Hi Barney

I'm Cyd. The photo is me down the coast in NSW.

Rhonda, (she hired a car from you and patted you a lot) told me about you. She said you were handsome and gentle and affectionate. So I thought I'd say hello.

Hello Barney

Love Cyd

Posted By ken on 16th July 2012

Updated : 16th July 2012 | Words : 51 | Views : 2454

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Speed of Light

How fast can you go Barney? . . .

Posted By cydthakyd on 31st July 2012

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Bury it quick. There's another dog coming. !

Barney and a new friend at a local beach, Diiging holes is serious business. . . .

Posted By ken on 16th July 2012

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RE: HI Cyd

That's a great photo Barney - looks just like you. I don't like the beach myself. Rhonda put me on . . .

Posted By ken on 16th July 2012

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