Fantastic Eateries on the Sunshine Coast

Fantastic Eateries on the Sunshine Coast
Posted By ken on Friday 18th May 2012 @ 12:34:44

Speed of Light

MeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHow fast can you go Barney? . . .

Posted By cydthakyd on Tuesday 31st July 2012 @ 10:22:35

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Thanks for your good service

We rented a Tiida from you for 18days. We were very pleased with the pick up and return arrangements and the Tiida. Next time we are in Noosa we will certainly use you again. Marion and Martin . . .

Posted By martinturner on Monday 23rd July 2012 @ 14:45:36

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Bury it quick. There's another dog coming. !

Barney and a new friend at a local beach, Diiging holes is serious business. . . .

Posted By ken on Monday 16th July 2012 @ 17:40:30

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Car Rental Issues

Getting the most from your car rental experiences – avoid disasters – make it a dream run In this column we intend to keep you up to date with not only what is happening in our own business, but also trends and happenings in other places around the world where you may wish to hire a car some day. .

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Updated Tuesday 3rd December 2013 @ 18:00:47

Fun on the Sunshine Coast

Where is the action and how do I get a piece of it?We will aim to bring you not only the lowdown on all the fun things you can do here, but also on the variety of beautiful and interesting places you can visit in your hire car. .

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Updated Friday 18th May 2012 @ 13:36:31

Restaurant and Takeaway Recommendations

What you and your fellow travellers have enjoyed most on the coast It is our hope that this section of the blog will be one of the most commented on by our customers. .

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Updated Tuesday 19th March 2013 @ 15:00:21

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What is Demurrage?

Demurrage Although demurrage was and is a shipping term, thanks to adaptation by UK Car Rental Comp . . .

Posted By ken on Tuesday 3rd December 2013

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Time for the next website update

They tell us that any website that remains static is slowly dying. Just as our car needs ongoing mai . . .

Posted By Ken on Wednesday 10th April 2013

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Girls Weekend

Thanks to all the Guys n Girls at Aussie Bargain, We had a fantastic long weeekend in Noosa, and w . . .

Posted By Lenra72 on Monday 19th November 2012

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